Sunday, July 27, 2008


These are from yesterday one of my favorite things was probably that we ate at a restuarant called little Hanoi and bellow it it said recommended by lonely planet. I'll try and get a picture of it later I was just too tired! Hahah where do they come up with these things?
(Suzy, Kathryn, I and Maren prepare for our intense foot message!)

(We have dogs and cats for pets, here they have the most random pets. Yes, this is 2 deer and they are pets in a cement block, so sad! What is up with the Water Village people? hahah)


Well, I am spending a month here in Hanoi, I just finished a couple of days in Rancho Cucamonga and entered the world of SE Asia yesterday. It is a little overwhelming and slowly I am adjusting. I still have some jet lag but I also feel as though their is so much to process. Things that I never thought I would be afraid of I am. I got a foot massage today and little did I know that meant body. It was a little akward.Pictures to come...but it also burned my neck and legs and I didn't realize it until later. Hopefully they won't blister in the heat. I am heading to bed b/c I really need some good rest. Tomorrow we have another cultural training. They are good but to be quite honest a little overwhelming. I just need a little alone time and twelve hours with about 13-17 people can be overwhelming at times. However it is also really comforting b/c I am always safe and never completely alone. Wish me luck tomorrow!After all this is just the first real day and it is getting better and better. Once I am over jet lag I should be good. it is just a question of when?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hello Hanoi!

Well, no one really writes on this so I hope that people eventually will figure out how to check it b/c my facebook on my computer doesn't work and as of Saturday it will be deactivated until my computer decides to quit acting up. By the way I am using my mothers. Anyways, Monday I leave for California for pre-training and then the 25th of July I am off to Hanoi at 1:50 am. Woo hoo aren't you jealous? I don't get there until 10:00am on the 26th, not sure if that is there time or our time then on the 27th -August 23rd I have training..Geese no break so if I fall behind on writing please understand. I am a bit overwhelmed and am in the process of packing for a year in Laos. Craziness isn't it?I am super nervous and scared but I know that my Father will be with me which helps. I ALSO LOVE HOW STRUCTURED THE ORGANIZATION IS AND CANNOT WAIT TO KEEP YOU ALL UPDATED. Whoever that you may be? Ta Ta for now!

Friday, July 11, 2008

10 Things I learned in Boston in no particular order

1. I still love the East Coast..oh so beautiful

2. Cambridge has a law of one bed per room..Hints at Harvard all dorms are single roomed.

3. I am a better liar than I have given myself credit for..either that or high schoolers are even more guillable than me! If that is possible?

4 Memorial chapel is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever been in. It was built by the free masons. It has no religious symbols or notable ones, inspired JK Rowlings settings for her Harry Potter books and has Shakespeare in stain glass. Yup I am not lieing so neat!

5. I walk on the side of my feet and according to Jordan that is the mark of a true dancer. Oh yeah I'm odd.

6. I really could teach any age. High Schoolers think I am just as funny as 2 year olds do.

7. I maybe CPR certified but if it really came down to it I am not sure I could do it. Probably the biggest scare of my life.

8 My students thought I was so great they were going to send me to Greece to chaperone them. Not sure if I want to handle that one! Hahah

9. "Your outfit is not nice enough for my Dior fanny pack.Do you have anything else you could wear?" After searching through my stuff J says "Well, I guess that is okay."

10. Students will do anything to help out their friends..Hint climbing out there own window three stories up..over 5 windows to open someones door so that they don't get in trouble.

High Schoolers are a hoot! I will miss them but look forward to having my own classroom in Sept!