Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rough Days

The past two weeks have seemed like one thing after another literally happens everyday that confuses, bewilders or frustrates me but I am so thankful that the Lord always wins. This is a poem I wrote to Satan the other day. He maybe able to temporarily keep me down but in the end the Lord always wins. The title is The Lord Wins

The Lord Wins

My heart drops, drops, drops
Waiting for this pain
Hope it stops, stops, stops
But devil you prowl
Making my heart howl
But you won't win
My Saviors winds spin
Protecting me
You, wanting me to doubt
This pain how can it be?
But from the cross His blood did spout
And it covers me
So stab me
You are really stabbing Him
Try to drag me
The gravel digging in
Dust in my eyes
The Jobs' you despise
The world within
My prayers you cannot stop
His will you cannot block
The wall caves
His blood saves
My pain doesn't equate to what He gave
You think trials hinder
But really they end in His splendor
His Word reminds me
He wins
He wins!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Prayers and Shares

I am always hesitant to post things that I have written because I am not perfect and anything good doesn't come from me but Him in me. A friend awhile ago encouraged me to share some of my writings. I am not sharing those particular ones but I really liked these and hope that they encourage others. A book I am doing in a study encouraged us to write prayers for these times and these are what I wrote. There is something to memorizing and rituals, basing things on the word that really encourages me. I am working on memorizing scriptures and other things. This to a degree is also to help me keep myself accountable. I hope you enjoy and that they are of help to you too!

Waking up in the morning- Lord, give me strength to make it through the today, the tools to do things your way, heavenly wisdom and knowledge too, make me of use to glorify and honor you. Amen.

Before starting work- Lord, give me heavenly knowledge and wisdom too. May my actions exploit your love. May I always think of you, putting you before and foremost in my decision to so that I may better honor you. Amen.

When eating lunch- Lord, may I be reminded of how you are all things, lived and died for me. Bless my conversations, may they be honoring to you. Nourish my body with this food, make me humble too. Thank you for giving me worth and dieing that I might live, love and be more like thee.Amen.

When first laying in bed at night- Lord, guide my thoughts be with me in my dreams. May I pray for everything under the sun, till you think I'm done, then doze off in peace and rest in you.

Lastly, this is a prayer that I have written based off of 1 Peter 5:6-11. Yes I've tweaked it a little so you might want to look to the bible for the actual version, just personalized it, not adding or taking away b/c that is not my job! I have continuously been praying this and making it longer and longer but recently I have been convicted about praying this for others. I hope these are helpful to you or at least make you want to write your own.

For friends and self in times of waiting-"Lord, Humble me, therefore, under your mighty hand waiting till time is due so that I may be exalted, raised lifted up by you. I cast all my anxieties, worries, troubles ,fears and anything that hinders me from glorifying You on You Lord , because You care for me. May I be level headed and watchful. Because the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking to devour me. Give me strength to resist him, be firm in my faith, knowing that I cannot level suffering and so many other Christians are suffering the same emotions of pain in similar and different circumstances. And after we have suffered a little while, you,the God of all grace, who has called us, the least of these, to You be the authority to rule our lives so that we may glorify you forever and ever. Amen."