Monday, May 19, 2008

A bab lah dah badlah

So the past two weeks have been crazy and I have never been that good at history. Life is so full of irony.(You will see what I mean in a minute.) I already started to type this once and my computer died so now I type something different. Several years ago I asked my father for a heart like David's and little did I think what else might come with that. I always wanted to follow after Him but I didn't think of what lay in store. Since then my eyes have been opened, not that they were not before, but really opened.
This weekend I went and saw WICKED and it was even more WONDERFUL than I could have imagined( despite the rest of the atrocities of the weekend). Anyways, I am not a daring person, but in the past couple of years have learned how to do more daring things. To be honest they don't come naturally,time is an important element that and a lot of talks with my Father!
So I was kind of down yesterday and I went to my friends house to pick up a reference she had filled out for me. Her son is 5 and I have been teaching him about manners. As I was leaving ,he told me I had to say the magic word to get out . He stood there with his little arms and his legs forming his body into an X, blocking my way, stretched across the door . In return, I politely said"Please." He said "Nope, say a bab lah dah badlah." I chuckled. He repeated "A bab lah dah badlah." It made me happy. I said it and he moved. You know what he was trying to say? Don't you? But why correct a child? He will learn soon enough..Besides I was too tired..
It made me think of 10 things I want to do before I die except I can only think of two. Is not that sad? Oh well...maybe in the future I can think of more..I'm sure there are more I just have to accomplish these first
1. Go Hang Gliding
2. Sky Dive
Maybe it is my mood. Lately all I have wanted to do is fly. Wonder what that means? Hehehe

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Busze Daizes

So I am a lil overwhelmed at all I have to get done but it is cool. One of my friends the other day was reminding me of the story of Abraham and how frustrated he must have felt with his Father and still He provided. I have known for sometime that this is what He wants for me so I know as long as I continue to trust Him He will provide. Doesn't mean it is not a struggle and won't be. Thankfully I keep thinking of the song You Said and am holding fast to the promises in it. Ultimately I have to remember He is good.