Sunday, June 19, 2011

Traveling Mercies

Two days ago I left or maybe three (having been at hour 43 of 45 on my journey my body is mixed up)Vientiane, Laos. Before my flight a dear friend came and hung out with me while we waited for my ride( another friend who is married with a child).We then all crammed into her little car with my stuff.

M, my friend with a child, helped me get through baggage after having to buy a new bag (overweight stuff apparently you have to have an extra bag) she quickly helped me to organize my stuff. They didn't make me pay overweight just carry the newly bought bag( total Froggy, sticky rice basket, purse and two backpacks on hand. Yowzers!) I also had left my boarding pass at the counter with my passport in the process. Just like my mom, when things unexpected come up in unexpected times I sometimes get a bit loopy. Well, that is just the beginning of my journey....

After a few pictures with friends and finding a friend who had been waiting for me in a different area I proceeded to the gates. Saying my goodbyes and amazingly without crying! (Well, at least till they stamped my passport)

First stop- Bangkok Having 3 hours which quickly turned to 30 minutes by the time I finally made it to where I was suppose to be and not having a boarding pass yet I realized I had left my purse in security. When they had patted me down because I forgot to take off my jacket. It was down the escalator how would I ever get down and back. I spotted an elevator for the handicap and took it while a guard gestured no I said in Lao " I forgot my purse!" He understood after proving it was mine I quickly made it upstairs and on to my flight woo....

Second stop- Tapei-just a lot of running around, security check and then onto a plane with literally no down time.

Third stop- San Fransisco-quickly made it through customs, rechecked two bags in and got my tickets- Chatted with some guards, got some food, talked with a few friends. Then off to Dallas. The flight was awful, so much turbulence. It made me sick, but I checked in my two bags (down to Froggy, sticky rice container and a purse) a plus of a full flight.

Fourth stop- Dallas/Ft. Worth- got some food after a long ride. After all I had 4 hours to spare. Remember that sometimes when your stomach hurts it is not because you are hungry. Got kind of sick(spare you details :( ),bought water to feel better and then began browsing the airport for the right gate. After going back and forth between three gates I finally lost it. I started crying pulled out my computer and paid for Internet to call my mom. Don't know if the tears were from exhaustion, sadness, fear of the future or just disorientation or maybe all combined but talks with moms do wonders! Finally found my gate after talking with a few friends on the Internet and waiting 3 hours in front of the sign that has all the gates listed. I planted myself after a lady had been a bit rude to me when I asked a question. I hate it when people are unkind, maybe I just read her wrong(happens sometimes) but you would think if they are worn out they would empathize not terrorize others, oh well...

Almost home one more flight to go..Sometimes parents are so wise it is that power shot down from heaven that little Colton in the book I just finished reading talks about. I believe that power is wisdom from our Father. My mommy said "Don't think about things for a few days, just relax, you can always face them later just pretend that things aren't what they are, at least not yet. Be good to your body till your body can handle it." While I can't put things off forever a few days won't hurt and going to see Michael Buble with mom is also helpful. Gives me something fun to look forward to. Look forward to catching up with many of you these next few weeks!!!