Friday, September 25, 2009


Well, a friend of mine told me I should update my blog. I have been here only about a week and a half and already things are crazy. Tonight I get a cord, then I have to organize my students gifts, go with someone to get sihns(Lao skirts), help someone move in for two weeks so yeah.

Anyways, back to the main subject. I gained a little weight this summer eating American food. Well, of course that is the first thing many Lao people have pointed out. I failed to think about my sihns so I put one on higher making it too short. Well, all the SP teachers who consider me family teased me, but then I had to go to the market with M. Thankfully, she covered for me. I love how no one else was allowed to tease me or say anything but all she said in Lao was dont say anything I got it mostly with just glares. Then we had a huge meal where I joined them after unsuccessfully trying to gain some hours. It was so fun. I learned to make jeo king. Its a ginger sauce. Although I am tired and still trying to work many things out I am thankful that already this year is so much better than last. Next week I start teaching 8 weeks and then a midterm. Lets see how that works out. Keep me in your thoughts.

Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Labor Day!

Today I walked in Race for a child and walked about a 15 minute mile(total 5k). I am so out of shape..haha. My two goals were to make it in under 45 and to not be last. I made it in 44 minutes and may have been close but wasn't last. I was suprised at how many people I knew there. I now see what a social thing it is. I am trying to get back into shape before I hit Laos humidity. This summer we have had the best weather ever. Im going to miss such cool days. Today it was perfect for running. It was foggy and cool. I have to keep it up hopefully I'll get in a routine in Laos.

Im amazed and saddened at how many places are open today. Maybe it is because of the economy but still it is a holiday. People should be spending time with family and resting not working-geeze.

-Im trying to get everything packed. Something I stink at.

-Attempting to not worry and finish a few letters(mostly thank you notes)

-Making a zillion lists and wondering hmm..what am I actually going to get done? Im getting better at realistic goals but still sometimes my imagination and creativity get the best of me. Anyone else feel that way?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Razzle dazzle Frizzle frazzle

Ahhh..I leave in 9 days.. 9 days... Today I went to Sams to pick up a few things. I ate lunch/dinner there. Growing up we did this often. We ate the samples for a meal. I had corn, rawberrsteak, shrimp, hummus, guacamole, canned fruit, two samdwich squares one turkey and one sloppy joe, and frozen strawberries..oh yeah. It was delicious the most expensive thing was the $.71 water. I leave Wednesday and am stressing out so much to do and so little time. I want to thank everyone who has been so kind to me and visited with me since being home. I am sad that I did not get to visit with you all but hope that you know I do care and am thankful for your support. If you want to hear stories feel free to call me at 479-756-0754 before I leave Wednesday. Thanks again. Please be uplifting my travels and readjustment.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Wow! It is crazy to think that in 11 days I head back to Laos which has become my new home. I miss my friends there so much but know that I will miss those in the states once I return.

One thing I have realized recently is that any sort of change makes me nervous. I thought it was only doing things for the first time but anytime I enter the unknown a wave of butterflies come passing through my stomach. I know the father will provide and my time home has been such a confirmation of that so then why do I still have fear in my heart? Because I am human and that is one of the many quirks that comes along with the way the Father made me.

So this week I have been raising funds to go back to Laos on and driving a lot to visit people in the Oklahoma area. Well, thankfully I haven't gotten too turned around yet. I went from Arkansas to Edmond(3 1/2 -4 hours)-stayed there two days, Edmond to Tulsa(1 1/2 hours towards Arkansas) and then Friday I go to Guthrie(1 1/2 hours back towards Norman and drive 4 hours home). I tell you all this for a reason.

As most of you know my sense of direction is slim. Today I took the wrong exit to Tulsa and got a little turned around. Of course on my attempt to turn back west I went further East. I then stopped at a gas station and asked for directions. One person told me turn left on this road and go till you cross the bridge then turn right after the McDonald's. Well, the other guy in the store said the same thing except turn left after the McDonald's.They also had told me there was another gas station next to the McDonald's. I had decided I would just ask there if I needed to well neither one of them were right. The exit was before the bridge and I saw my brothers apartment complex and made it with only about a 10 minute detour.

Sometimes life is like driving on an unfamiliar bypass and you don't know what exits you might take or where they will lead you but you do know that eventually they will connect. Someone once said "All roads lead to Rome" well, I think they should have said "All roads lead to the Father if seeking truth." We all want answers but I am surprisingly learning to be okay with the not having them. Its a life long battle. I may never like change but I have to accept it. Oddly, I think that the Father gave me no sense of direction so that in bigger matters I could be okay with not knowing the answer. I always used to worry about following Path A or B and now as my mother once taught me it doesn't matter in the end He will always bring us back onto the road of His will.

Some things to be thinking about

That my brother and I would have a good two days together

That I wouldnt accidently go to Joplin on my way home Friday(yes, it has happened before and and sadly more than once) b/c without getting lost I'll make it home at midnight having traveled a total of 9 1/2 hours in one day.(Stamina and safety)

That I could get everything together and be at peace it is out of my hands

For the rest of my support and visas when I get there( I guess mostly though to be at peace there are so many things I could write but someday I'll learn to relax.)

Thanks for reading!