Sunday, April 18, 2010


So after a long wonderful Pi Mai trip I thought I would get some rest, not the case. I have had fun with a friend and trying to figure things out for next year but wow never thought a water bottle could do so much damage. After making it through a whole week of water with not much more than a really bad cold. I went to a fellowship with a friend and after taking a sip of my water she handed it back to me thinking I would drink it. I put it in my purse and all of my stuff and hers got soaked! The worst part is our phones. They were okay for awhile and I even thought mine worked. We were talking for awhile and then realized the screen had died! Ahh! Thankfully around midnight I called my mom and she called me back this morning as an I have a phone. You can call me but I won't know who it is and I probably cannot call you back! Yup! Craziness! Hope to get it figured out today otherwise I am phoneless, cameraless, watchless but hey at least I still have a computer. Guess communication through technology is over-rated anyways!Heehee

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saibadee Pi Mai

Wow! I had a great week up North full of many adventures with 4 wonderful women, but now I am still recovering from all the excitement. I have to get back to real life. Sam Neau is so beautiful I love this little quaint town. It reminds me of something out of a fairy tale. It is small but not too small. A lot of things are available, maybe not everything but it has the most perfect weather, not too cold or hot.

My adventures consist of some very pukey bus rides, lots of Indian food from an amazing restaurant in Sam Nuea and a new friend that is so cute! Too bad she lives so far away N (her name) was amazing! Worked in Vientiane for 5 years then moved to Sam Neau this year and is all alone. She is only 18! Wow, Lao people never seize to amaze me. They maybe laid back, but by no means are they lazy! Many waterfalls, lots of water, a cold from the water, history that brings tears to my eyes, friends who make me laugh amidst my tears, time alone when I cannot take it anymore, lots and lots of tea, great conversations, and wonderful tour guides as well as much more!

My disclaimer:although Phonesavahn was fun Sam Neau captured my heart. Probably partially b/c it is not as big as Vientiane and the people were so friendly, sometimes I miss smaller towns but I do love my friends in the city and am excited to see them again!

I spent a lot of money but every cent was worth it. Hopefully I can ease into this next week. I don't even know if my students will show up! Hahah but I must be prepared just in case. After all, finals are suppose to be this week!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Favorite Things

As much as I complain..I am trying to be more grateful..I have realized lately although life doesn't always go the way I plan I know I am blessed in more ways than I can imagine.trying to remind myself of this as often as possible...focus on + and not -.Life isn't about me anyways but the difference I make for my daddy!

I love rhyming and songs and dancing. If only all of life truly were a dance! is a rendition to a few of my favorite things..though it might not exactly follow the beat you get the idea...

when the hot weathered wind smittens dust upon my sweaty skin and heat causes rashes..and I don't know if I am dirty or tan as it passes? these are few of my favorite things....mangoes,sticky rice and pingkai;friends who love me even though I don't why;khon lao who take me under their wings; these are a few of my favorite things; when the ravid dog chases, when the heat stings, when im feel sad...I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad!!!!!