Saturday, May 14, 2011


I am in the process of minimizing things, an ever failing battle for a woman who loves papers! haha! Anyways I found a poem I wrote in the 7th or 8th grade. I wrote it from a child's perspective. Boy did I think I was grown up then, but sometimes it is our childish dreams that help us when we are older. May I never lose the child in me and have faith that moves mountains physically, spiritually and mentally. Father, please help to keep me of sound mind.
Here is the poem:

1. I went up to my daddy,
He often scared me,
But today I had an important question?
And I knew the only one who knew the answer was He

2. I asked my daddy? What do I want to be? His approval was important to me.

3. He looked at me and smiled but before a word was allowed. I blurted out maybe a rap artist who makes lots of sounds or

4. A firefighter who listens for the bell
Who shoots water in the air
Helps people out if they fell (not proper English but hey I was a 7th grader heheh I think maybe I did it on purpose to emphasize innocent child like minds)
Runs up and down the stairs because he or she cares
But then

5. Maybe I'll be a dancer
So graceful and all
But what if only brother Billy and his hamster watch
That would be a terrible fall
So I could be

6. A teacher of those younger or small
I'd read them books
And tell them I love them all
Teach them to count and never give up

7. But maybe that's not it
I could be a zoo keeper
With a parakeet on my shoulder
Nut what if he tells me Sally Sue you are getting older

8. There would be tigers to tame
And lions with beautiful mains and exotic animals galore

9. Oh but daddy I don't know
Which path I should go
And tomorrow in class I must say

10. I want to stand proud
In front of the crowd
Maybe a speaker I'll be
Or the first woman president just wait and see

11. Daddy oh daddy what shall I be?
Then he responded ever so patiently
Oh Sally Sue any of these could be you
Never quit your dreams
It's what's inside you that bears true means

12. I stared confused and he went on
It doesn't matter what you do

13. It's who you are
Uniquely you
I'll be proud as long as you use your strengths

14. Like what I interrupted
He went on
The gifts of love and loyalty you bear
An ability to dream and imagine what is out there
Make the best of whatever you do
And I'll always love you

15. Sally Sue you're my shining star
whether a rapper, firefighter, dancer, teacher, zoo keeper, speaker or president
That is what you are

16. He hugged me and I understood
As an adult today there are no would
Have beens
But only possibilities and coulds

Thank you heavenly father for giving me an earthly father and the reminder that no matter where life takes me you will always love and take care of me.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fat or (Dewey)

So in the past few days I have learned that apparently if you sweat a lot it is because you're fat, but if a boy sweats and he is skinny it means he is healthy and strong also that if you are fat it might be because you think too much. I live in such a logical world!!

Tomorrow morning I will go to my friends house dedication ceremony(penny) at 430 am please keep me in your thoughts. I was going to stay with her tonight but I just didn't have the energy. Please lift up that his light will shine through me and that I could continue to speak truth into her life.

P.s-it is pouring down rain and lightning and thundering right now so who knows when I'll get another chance to send this and the power keeps going on and off.