Sunday, February 27, 2011

To Trust

Oh morose eyes filled with tears

This path is yours

The hands clap and cheer

But oh heart

Oh head

Which one is alive
Which one is dead

The waves crash

From the sea

Every direction turning me

Make me straight

Like a line


This rope is thine

I am letting go

Trusting you

Such a scary thing to do

So take this cynical young girl

Mold her world

Give her strength

Courage of mind

Understanding of things divine

Wisdom that does not hinder

For you are my Creator

My Mender

But also my Sender

Send me where I cannot hide

The love you have instilled inside

For I know whether here or there

No matter the pain of battle

Ubiquitously you are always aware

Thank you that you care

About everything I share

For though I often feel worthless

You make me a saint

And in your awe as a princess I faint

Weak but strong

Forever long

Your child amongst children

May I not forget

No matter how sick the world

Make I seek not to live in regret

For my life is yours

The steer you command

Right now I just ask Father

Please hold my hand

Oh hold my hand

Fire or Valley

River or Spring

My Creator

My All

My Everything