Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh Language

Just when I thought things were going to slow down I am teaching 19 hours this week but next week I have a breather and hopefully a house by then. We will see. Tonight I went and ate Kowpiak by myself for dinner(its one of many yummy noodle soups). Anyways it was pretty loud outside and the two girls next to me were talking I couldnt tell if it was Lao or English but I pretended I understood sort of a dangerous fun game where you are listening and counter -answering(is that a word?)It made me think of A Tale of Two Cities. I love that book! At one point two people are arguing with each other in different languages so the whole thing gets pretty misconstrude. I thought often that might happen here and what a funny thing language is!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Falling Apart

Ever feel like your inside a black hole falling, falling, falling waiting to hit the bottom. Well, I do. I think I am getting closer to the bottom but things are always harder before they get easier. A list of my life last week
1. No money
2. No phone
3. No internet still trying to think of what I will do. I really only need it for Skype but I like privacy when I talk to the parentals. Maybe I'll never really be able to pour out my heart and them theirs while still in Asia.
4. No house- rent is up October 25th
5. Trying to figure out what the future has in store. Knowing I am suppose to be in Laos for awhile but not knowing what that looks like.

This week-
1. I have a phone-finally!
2. I have enough money to get me by until my debit card comes
3. Still no internet
4. 2 pink house options
5. Still trying to figure out my life but I cannot do it alone. What is my purpose?

Please uplift my purpose, perserverance and housing. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quiet Whisper

So I went into the teacher's office today and found out that M is getting married christmas day. Christmas will never be the same here. I think holidays are the hardest. She is my closest teaching friend so I will go. Last year I had to teach. This year a wedding. They celebrate many holidays but this is one of the few that is not so important to them. I guess I have to give up trying to make things something they are not.

I am also really poor b/c I cannot find my debit card I have searched everywhere even gone previous places I have been to no avail. I hope to be able to find it somewhere in our house but we will see.

Today the teachers teased me again they poined to N who is pregnant and told me that I look the same as she does sometimes I can take it better than other days. It's been a rough three weeks but the Father is good.

I have been reading first kings and today I read one of my favorite verses He was not in wind or fire but a gentle whisper. I feel that way right now He is my calmer, redeemer and friend. Although fires may consume and winds blow all around me He is my quiet whisper that keeps me sane.