Monday, June 11, 2012

I give you my all

My hopes
My heart
My tears
And the ducts that have held them all these years
Where do I turn
For you are there
You quiet my fears
Handle my cares
But I am crazed for you
Oh the things I'll do
Because of what you have done
For me my King
My heart will sing
The stupid limits of man you defied
So defy mine
Make my heart new
Use me your daughter
You chose
You chose

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Clinging to the Lord

I've been learning about the Lord's Sovereignity and love for me. How to cling to Him. Here is another one of my silly poems but it is the best way to describe how I want to be closer to Him than anything else on this earth and how He's bringing me there on this journey we call life, full of hardship and strife but nothing  is too big for our big God.

I cry
But why
My God how low must I go
To the depths of the sea
You meet me
With You I plea
A world so tattered
So torn
How much more do You mourn
Oh my King
May it be You whom I please
Fallen, dejected, torn
May it be Your flesh I have worn
Not my own
Oh Sovereign King on the throne
May it be Your flesh I have worn
Not my own
Wearing those tears
Healing my dry bones
Making them soft
Warming the cold
Wall of blood
Not my own
Not my own
May it be Your flesh
The Spirit within
May I live for You
For You
For Him
May it be moist 
Not dry
Oh Lord may I hear Your sound
Even when I question the why
Wearing your skin
Turning it in 
But Oh Lord I could never 
Jesus, never be Him
May I worship You and not me  
Example may  I  be
But allow me to wear your flesh
Turn the Spirit free
Flesh no man can carry
May I be in tune
With the Spirit
Set free
Only flesh like Yours
Could make man's hearst pure
May it be Your flesh and not my own
Oh King
Oh King