Monday, October 20, 2008

Living in Laos and My House

So I couldn't sleep, I live on the second floor and I had posted some pictures of Hanoi, Vietnam on facebook but those are from two months ago and in an attempt to keep from waking my roomate up, even the faintest footsteps can be loud well I had to make a few I decided to post pictures of my house for you all. Hope it is not too overwhelming :)

The upstairs shower some of the stairs

Upstairs hallway My doorway yeah I know The upstairs deck leads to the
it is see through working on that bathroom

bathroom/shower more bathroom my bed yeah I don't have bedding yet it
is all borrowed

more bed it doesn't match but you cannot tell here it doesn't closet and desk
seem to matter unfortunately either

My desk fan and door window and cabinet The kitchen

more kitchen it is huge! Laundry/downstairs/shower Bathroom or as they say toilet
lots of multipurpose stuff in Asia

The outside- Front entrance The carport Door to kitchen

more downstairs laundry/bath/etc one of my roomates rooms dining/entry way

living room our balcony our entry way

storage room and my door looking off our balcony into
Well, that is most of our house I did not show the upstairs closet or one of my roomates doors but you get the idea hope you enjoy or as my students would say "Are you enjoy?"

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh this is the life for me

Wow, so I have already been in Lao over a month. I have my up and downs and I am definately still adjusting to things such as our road every now and then becoming a river and even once falling in trying to get somewhere. Sometimes having to raise my skirt to walk through and other days being okay. I am learning so much about myself, my father and others. Sometimes I wonder how much I am actually processing.

Perhaps my favorite thing that I would like to share is that this week all my afternoon classes were cancelled because the man with the key to that building is out of town. Go figure!Apparently things like this happen often. I waited 30 minutes before being told this. Then the next day my poor students found another classroom and waited for me and today no students showed up so I have only had one set of students twice so far. Hahah.

The Lao phrase" Bo pen nyang " It means never mind or at least that is how I translate it or no problem kind of a cross between the two like no worries. I am trying to learn not to complain but just go with it. We'll see.