Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow and servings, servings, servings of lots and lots of food

This weekend I got a 4 day weekend. I have done many things-clean, wash/dry clothes, and cook. I have learned that I cook a lot like my mom. I recently got a crockpot so most of these are crockpot recipes. I modify and adapt so here are some things that I made and the alterations. There was only one flaw and I learned from it.

The first is chipotle burritos- I put in fresh parsley and cilantro instead of oregano and chipotle powder. I added a blend of bell peppers bean and some corn pre cut. I also put in some taco seasoning-

Then I turned some of the left overs into taco soup- I just blended a lot of cherub tomatoes to make a broth and added more chipotle and chili seasoning.

The third thing I made was chicken with oranges, pineapple, honeydew, sweet potatoes,onions, sweet chili sauce, lime,apple cider vinegar and soy sauce. I learned that honeydew still tastes good. Oranges and lime absorb vinegar. It makes sense tart takes on tart. It was a no go! Blah

The four thing I made was also an experiment.Sultry Salmon- Yeah I like alliterations. It was Salmon, sweet potatoes, and pineapple all cooked in a crock pot with lime and avocado sprinkled on at the end.

The fifth was chicken stuffed marsala- but I didn't really follow the recipe. I put parsley instead of dried basil and added a handful and a half of cherub tomatoes. I only put half a cup of marsala. I had 2 large chicken breast so I adapted.I also added red potatoes cut up and I didn't add any chicken broth but I did add a little water(1/2 a cup).  I only put a pinch of salt and pepper but left most of it how it was I topped it off with cheese when I pulled it out over a bed of white rice. I was thinking of how and what might be  in Olive Gardens chicken stuffed marsala for ideas as there's is my favorite.

Non- Crockpot
The sixth was what I like to call Hammontrees Salad- At this restaurant me and one of my best friends always order the same thing. It's the best salad ever. I bought an herb mixed salad and added some regular lettuce to make it go further. I boiled two eggs. Added cherub tomatoes, real bacon bits, a little blue cheese and half an avocado and voila! It's so good!

The seventh was Blackberry lime spread- so I wanted jam or jelly and I keep forgetting it. All these recipes included things I didn't have. It would go perfect with my wellness tea right before bed. I toasted the toast. Put cream cheese on it. Smashed, yes smashed one blackberry on each piece. Yes, I had two, don't judge. Squeezed a tiny bit of lime and drizzled some honey. Amazing

The last recipe is a baking one.It's Cranberry Almond cookies. I'm not a baker. I mean I'm not a cookie or cake fan so unfortunately several might go uneaten but that's okay. They're still good. I took out the oatmeal and replaced it with two cups finely ground almond and being out of eggs used mayonnaise instead. I just put 2 1/2 spoonfuls. Yes, I know lots of substituting tricks. A perk of being an MK:) Guess maybe that also adds to my adventurous cooking, but in all they were pretty good. Here is the recipe.

I really want to make tom kai gai which is a thai soup but I need some coconut milk. That and curry and I'm running out of tubberware. Next on the list is a chicken roast if I have room in the fridge. I think I have enough food for the next two weeks. I mean seriously!  But I have tomorrow off and I'll probably make more. Good thing I have a job b/c if I just stayed at home all the time and cooked and ate like this I'd get really fat!