Sunday, August 2, 2015

Journey On..Blessings in Disguise

So it has been years literally since I wrote in this but today I am writing for several reasons.

1. I'm pretty sure all 14 journals from about 15 years got dumped this past weekend into a dumpster somewhere and I pray that others get as much joy out of reading them as I did but they may just deteriorate and turn to dust like so many things in life. This was not by my choice but I'd rather not get into it. Sometimes you have to let things go...

2.  My sugar has been high this past year and I only had it tested b/c my mom was diabetic when she was pregnant with me. So I'm not strictly following it but I am following it somewhat to prevent having Type 2 diabetes. Anyways, about 2 weeks ago one of my best friends youngest children was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and through talking to her today I was able to learn that a lot of the things she is watching for in him and alternatives I am using could help him. That is exciting to me and that God even uses the worst of circumstances to bring him glory. I don't know what the future holds but I am thankful to have Him by my side through it!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow and servings, servings, servings of lots and lots of food

This weekend I got a 4 day weekend. I have done many things-clean, wash/dry clothes, and cook. I have learned that I cook a lot like my mom. I recently got a crockpot so most of these are crockpot recipes. I modify and adapt so here are some things that I made and the alterations. There was only one flaw and I learned from it.

The first is chipotle burritos- I put in fresh parsley and cilantro instead of oregano and chipotle powder. I added a blend of bell peppers bean and some corn pre cut. I also put in some taco seasoning-

Then I turned some of the left overs into taco soup- I just blended a lot of cherub tomatoes to make a broth and added more chipotle and chili seasoning.

The third thing I made was chicken with oranges, pineapple, honeydew, sweet potatoes,onions, sweet chili sauce, lime,apple cider vinegar and soy sauce. I learned that honeydew still tastes good. Oranges and lime absorb vinegar. It makes sense tart takes on tart. It was a no go! Blah

The four thing I made was also an experiment.Sultry Salmon- Yeah I like alliterations. It was Salmon, sweet potatoes, and pineapple all cooked in a crock pot with lime and avocado sprinkled on at the end.

The fifth was chicken stuffed marsala- but I didn't really follow the recipe. I put parsley instead of dried basil and added a handful and a half of cherub tomatoes. I only put half a cup of marsala. I had 2 large chicken breast so I adapted.I also added red potatoes cut up and I didn't add any chicken broth but I did add a little water(1/2 a cup).  I only put a pinch of salt and pepper but left most of it how it was I topped it off with cheese when I pulled it out over a bed of white rice. I was thinking of how and what might be  in Olive Gardens chicken stuffed marsala for ideas as there's is my favorite.

Non- Crockpot
The sixth was what I like to call Hammontrees Salad- At this restaurant me and one of my best friends always order the same thing. It's the best salad ever. I bought an herb mixed salad and added some regular lettuce to make it go further. I boiled two eggs. Added cherub tomatoes, real bacon bits, a little blue cheese and half an avocado and voila! It's so good!

The seventh was Blackberry lime spread- so I wanted jam or jelly and I keep forgetting it. All these recipes included things I didn't have. It would go perfect with my wellness tea right before bed. I toasted the toast. Put cream cheese on it. Smashed, yes smashed one blackberry on each piece. Yes, I had two, don't judge. Squeezed a tiny bit of lime and drizzled some honey. Amazing

The last recipe is a baking one.It's Cranberry Almond cookies. I'm not a baker. I mean I'm not a cookie or cake fan so unfortunately several might go uneaten but that's okay. They're still good. I took out the oatmeal and replaced it with two cups finely ground almond and being out of eggs used mayonnaise instead. I just put 2 1/2 spoonfuls. Yes, I know lots of substituting tricks. A perk of being an MK:) Guess maybe that also adds to my adventurous cooking, but in all they were pretty good. Here is the recipe.

I really want to make tom kai gai which is a thai soup but I need some coconut milk. That and curry and I'm running out of tubberware. Next on the list is a chicken roast if I have room in the fridge. I think I have enough food for the next two weeks. I mean seriously!  But I have tomorrow off and I'll probably make more. Good thing I have a job b/c if I just stayed at home all the time and cooked and ate like this I'd get really fat!

Friday, November 22, 2013


Today I was reminded and am thankful for the ways that the Lord continues to provide and the determination he has given me. I mean

1. 3 1/2 months ago I got a job. I didn't have a place to live for a month so my Aunt and Uncle let me live with them and I am so glad at the beginning of my transitioning I was not alone.  When living out of a suitcase (literally) and only having two pairs of shoe I had a roof over my head and a place to sleep.

2. Next I got an apartment in which I had hardly anything but mom and dad came up bringing me stuff and some friends from church gave me plates, bowls, and can openers when all I had was silverware. A Tv and DVD player, and a couch I mean really such grace gifts!

3. I am also so thankful for my church group. They pray for me, love on me and accept me as quirky as I am and are quirky too.

4. I am thankful for family close by, especially my dates with my cousins who let me hang out with them and their kiddos so that I could have something else to do other than school!

5.I am thankful for my co-workers who let me stay with them when my first few days in my apartment the air goes out and almost burned the room down. God's way of teaching me that I can't always stay late nights at school.

6. I am thankful for pants to keep me warm, even if I am not skinny enough to fit into most of them right now. Somehow when my stuff got moved I only had 2 pairs! I was a little freaked! Now I have several. Read the next number.

7. I am thankful for breaks to rummage through hidden things at home and bring back to Tulsa so they don't end up in a storage unit :)

8. I am thankful for friends all around the world who encourage me in struggles, praise my successes and help me to pick up the pieces when I fall apart or simply can't put the puzzle together.

9. Lastly, I never realized moving an hour and a half away would be so much like moving across the world in many ways. THere are so many other stepping stones - changing state teaching licenses, having to register my car and countless other things but I am thankful that God has given me the strength to do these and continues to give me strength to accomplish upcoming tasks!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I-pads and Marsha

So somehow at the beginning of the year I was put in the system as Marsha making it difficult to access all the student data I need. I finally got access to two programs but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that reports will soon show up!

In other news yesterday I got an IPad. In 3 hours I filled the whole thing with educational apps. I am still having to go back and delete some of the apps I compartmentalized into categories. However, I did download one just for fun! It is called fingerpaint and its totally free so check it out!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Egg crates and 10 frames

So I used to abhor math as a child and then when I taught overseas I began to realize it wasn't that bad. Then last year I did my action research on number sense and now I love trying to find different ways to help students connect to this abstract thing, like it's own language, called math.  Egg crates are just one of the things that make a cheap but good manipulative for  10 frame. You are moving from the concrete to abstract. Right now I am low on manipulatives being a first year teacher we resort to beans. I am writing a grant to get some so that each child can have their own set when adding(at least 10 counters and unifix cubes per child would be enough). I'm tired of them fighting to share! Anyways, cut off the last two egg holders with an exact-o knife and voila you have 10 frames!

Math and Beyond

Okay so I'm trying to figure out how to do this with smaller numbers. Here are my own step by step examples. Not going to say they're right but I need to figure out where I am going wrong before I teach it if I am. Can it not be done with single digits without having to count every intersection? There has to be some sort of short cut? These are what I have so far. I'm trying to appeal to those struggling learners. You gotta get creative as a teacher!

Example 1:

 Example 2:


Connect the 5 and 3 circles to get 8 on the last one

Any suggestions?

Friday, September 27, 2013

1st Year Teacher Bloopers

Wow! Never thought I'd be a first year teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma of all places. Then again, life always gives us turns we don't expect! I'm learning so much and wanted to add to my blog trails and errors as a teacher and things I learn. Any new job is full of challenges and it takes awhile to figure out your own style. This year I know there will be many things concurred and many things failed but they don't say practice makes perfect for nothing. All work is hard and an ever growing struggle to be mastered. I can't wait to see what the Lord teaches me and brings me through. I never thought that moving an hour and a half away would be so similar to moving half way around the world. So please join me on this journey if you will. I'd love to see yours too! I love Philipians 4:11-13 "I know what it is to be in want and I know what it is to be in need. I have learn the secret to being content, whether well fed or hungry, whether in want or in need. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Not only do I face teaching challenges but building new relationships and a foundation in a new place. My foundation is on the rock and for that I am thankful! My first tidbit is something I designed in hopes to use in the future. I tried it once and they are not ready but it doesn't mean I won't try it again!

Check out my differentiated paint strips!