Saturday, November 2, 2013

Egg crates and 10 frames

So I used to abhor math as a child and then when I taught overseas I began to realize it wasn't that bad. Then last year I did my action research on number sense and now I love trying to find different ways to help students connect to this abstract thing, like it's own language, called math.  Egg crates are just one of the things that make a cheap but good manipulative for  10 frame. You are moving from the concrete to abstract. Right now I am low on manipulatives being a first year teacher we resort to beans. I am writing a grant to get some so that each child can have their own set when adding(at least 10 counters and unifix cubes per child would be enough). I'm tired of them fighting to share! Anyways, cut off the last two egg holders with an exact-o knife and voila you have 10 frames!

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