Friday, November 22, 2013


Today I was reminded and am thankful for the ways that the Lord continues to provide and the determination he has given me. I mean

1. 3 1/2 months ago I got a job. I didn't have a place to live for a month so my Aunt and Uncle let me live with them and I am so glad at the beginning of my transitioning I was not alone.  When living out of a suitcase (literally) and only having two pairs of shoe I had a roof over my head and a place to sleep.

2. Next I got an apartment in which I had hardly anything but mom and dad came up bringing me stuff and some friends from church gave me plates, bowls, and can openers when all I had was silverware. A Tv and DVD player, and a couch I mean really such grace gifts!

3. I am also so thankful for my church group. They pray for me, love on me and accept me as quirky as I am and are quirky too.

4. I am thankful for family close by, especially my dates with my cousins who let me hang out with them and their kiddos so that I could have something else to do other than school!

5.I am thankful for my co-workers who let me stay with them when my first few days in my apartment the air goes out and almost burned the room down. God's way of teaching me that I can't always stay late nights at school.

6. I am thankful for pants to keep me warm, even if I am not skinny enough to fit into most of them right now. Somehow when my stuff got moved I only had 2 pairs! I was a little freaked! Now I have several. Read the next number.

7. I am thankful for breaks to rummage through hidden things at home and bring back to Tulsa so they don't end up in a storage unit :)

8. I am thankful for friends all around the world who encourage me in struggles, praise my successes and help me to pick up the pieces when I fall apart or simply can't put the puzzle together.

9. Lastly, I never realized moving an hour and a half away would be so much like moving across the world in many ways. THere are so many other stepping stones - changing state teaching licenses, having to register my car and countless other things but I am thankful that God has given me the strength to do these and continues to give me strength to accomplish upcoming tasks!

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